Rising from the ashes...

My first music gig since November is this Saturday. I took a self imposed hiatus. Been working hard to get FirePitTV going strong over the winter, and that hard work is starting to bear fruit. I ask all you friends to please check out FirePitTV.com and subscribe to that YouTube.
The FirePitTV crew has been hired onto South Texas Wrestling to run its video and media aspects. I can not tell you how cool this is. So you will be hearing me and the crew pushing STW very hard. It's a great group of guys we are working with and together we are gonna make sure this organization gets the attention it deserves... And it REALLY desrves it.
You can keep up with SouthTexasWrestling.com, just know that I started building the site yesterday and I have a lot more work to do.
Subscribe to that YouTube as well! The matches and promos and all kinds of good stuff will be there for you to check out. I'm putting A LOT of work into this, so please check it out, especially if you're a wrestling fan!

As for this weekend, it's a night of getting back to music. Samuel Barker will be there with his most recent album which you will be able to pick up. Pretty sure the lovely Kim Daniels will be there as well. They have a real good thing going.
It's been TOO DAMN LONG since I've had some of Sibbian Roe's pizza 🍕. It's my personal favorite. Sancho with mushrooms added is how I like it. My mouth is literally watering. If I lived closer I would probably not eat much else.

I will be finishing up Gravelhorse after this weekend. The hiatus will be officially over if I play a show. Seems logical, right.

Enough rambling.
See you around.


Halloween at Midnite

All Hollows' Eve falls on the weekend once again, So Sam and I will be back again at Midnite Slice or the occasion.



I'm currently working on my next album, Gravelhorse. I've been working behind the scenes on art and packaging and we are in the middle of the recording process. So it's real... it's happening. No turning back. 
So keep eyes on this site, Facebook and Twitter for info on Pre-order and release date, which I am shooting for in Fall or Winter 2015. 

I will have some hand tooled leather goods as well. So look forward to some hand crafted merch to coincide with down home, porchified tunes that will be Gravelhorse
Thank you and catch you soon. 



Some big news

On Tuesday August 4 lthe first details regarding the next Huke Green solo album will start to be released. Stay tuned.