I'm currently working on my next album, Gravelhorse. I've been working behind the scenes on art and packaging and we are in the middle of the recording process. So it's real... it's happening. No turning back. 
So keep eyes on this site, Facebook and Twitter for info on Pre-order and release date, which I am shooting for in Fall or Winter 2015. 

I will have some hand tooled leather goods as well. So look forward to some hand crafted merch to coincide with down home, porchified tunes that will be Gravelhorse
Thank you and catch you soon. 



Some big news

On Tuesday August 4 lthe first details regarding the next Huke Green solo album will start to be released. Stay tuned.


Wayward Sons live at Minute Maid Park

    Saint Arnold Friday Happy Hours at the ballpark are returning for another season. This means every Friday evening home game you'll be able to get in the game an hour earlier than usual (generally this means 4:30) and enjoy $5 Saint Arnold beers at our bar in left field. Our custom cornhole boards and giant Jenga games will be out on the patio.
Friday May 1st The Wayward Sons will be playing an acoustic duo show during Happy Hour Prior to the Astros vs Mariners.

See all of the Happy Hour dates this season and get discounted tickets here.


Upcoming shows

3/21 - The Wayward Sons (Full Band) -  No Label Brewing Co. -  Katy, TX (12-3pm) 
3/28 - The Wayward Sons                    -  Midnite Slice                - Seabrook, TX
4/04 - The Wayward Sons (Duo show) - Cork Grinders               - Baytown, TX
4/10 - The Wayward Sons (Full Band) -  Bohemeo's                    - Houston, Tx


Mysterious Boom Podcast

Mysterious Boom
where we explore the strange and unexplained,
the paranormal is normal… and nothing tastes like chicken

Episode 1 - Pilot 

Episode 2 - The Hat Man


Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a pleasant 2014. Here in the Green house we had some ups and downs. It was a roller-coaster of a year for sure, but overall I reckon it wasn't too bad at all.

We hit a year of Podcasting on Thanksgiving with Cristi Hates Horror. We also started a general chat podcast with The Fire Pit and have a new podcast concerning the strange and unexplained called Mysterious Boom coming very soon. We've made some nice friends across the country with the podcast venture and it's been a great outlet for some of my nonsense.

I didn't do much songwriting in '14. I have a few writings I could probably work out and make something of. I think I'm gonna put some effort into getting some new songs out this year, but I don't like to force it. I have been writing in the last few weeks of 2014, so we will see...

I also wanna keep up with the website more. I already say a lot on the various podcasts, so who knows. I guess we will take a look on down the road and see what shakes out.

I hope to see you folks at these upcoming Wayward shows. The First one is Momma Green's birthday, January 17th, at Chicago Italian Beef and Pizza. 

Wayward Sons shows page